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I am pleased to announce that from July 2020 new students will be able to apply for subsidised GuitarTherapy sessions. This is thanks to lottery funded support from Arts Council England. Sessions are subject to availability and priority will be given to those students deemed most likely to benefit, particularly in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic. To register an interest or to ask any questions please visit and use the contact form or write directly to:
Ian Dyball

This website is dedicated to the three academic and professional interests of Ian Dyball. Links below will take you to the main pages relating to guitar; philosophy and photography and from there you can access the professional services he currently has on offer.

Ian is an academic philosopher and a professional guitarist with an added passion for photography. He is an award-winning guitar teacher and has worked alongside top professionals in the music industry. He was personally congratulated by Prince Charles for his achievements.

Ian continues to research in the field of performance.

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Guitar therapy can involve lots of techniques but here is a simple session with one of my students. Here we have simply selected a key and we freely improvise just to see where it takes us. Great fun and very relaxing!
NEW! - media archive page. Old band and performance footage etc.. Here is the first upload. 'Those Glam Rockers' from the mid 1990's! Ian Dyball lead guitar with Dave Smith ('Boys Will be Boys' and 'Heavy metal Kids') on vocals
For sale!
'An impending house move means that I am (reluctantly) selling some of my guitar collection' - Ian:
'This beautiful limited edition Martin acoustic has to go. I have personally set it up to play with ease and it has the perfect pre-amp for both recording and live work. Mint condition and a very reluctant sale :(' - Ian : NOW SOLD!

'This very collectable Gibson Les Paul anniversary model also has to go. I got it out and improvised on it over a backing track. I only meant to do it for 30 seconds. A really stunning rock guitar and one that can only appreciate in value' - Ian : NOTE: I did sell this guitar via offer but I couldn't ship it before moving house and so ultimately declined the sale. It remains in my collection, however, if you are interested, contact me at (and try to catch me on a good day!!)
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One from the archive. This is back in the day when I worked with Phil Collins for the Princes' Trust. ('Media Archive' page coming soon)!

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